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Welcome to The Adventures of

Murphy the Gnome® and Yazzy Bear™

Murphy the Gnome was living peacefully on his sleepy doorstep in Gloucester when one day an adventuresome young student kidnapped Murphy and took him on a 7 month adventure across 12 countries.

Murphy has dined with natives across three continents, swam in warm seas across the globe, spoken politely to customs officers from Europe to Australia, and even found time to climb Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand during his travels.

One of his true life treks took him on a 3 day very hot and sticky bus ride across China and into Laos. Another blood curdling trek of Murphy’s was his rocket ride up the Me Kong River in a canoe powered by what looked like a car engine strapped to the rear of the canoe.

7 months after the odyssey began, Murphy found himself delivered to his owner’s doorstep in Gloucester with passport and neatly wrapped photo album in hand.

Murphy was home at last.

The world warmed to Murphy and his travels. The tale of his kidnapping and travels was reported by newspapers and television stations around the world.

We think there may just be a little bit of Murphy in each of us.

So we have built upon his original story to create and deliver fun and educational stories of Murphy the Gnome; his friends, his travels and new adventures.

The series of ‘Murphy the Globetrotting Gnome’ children’s stories have already started warming the minds and hearts of children (and grown-up ‘kid’s’) around the world.

The stories involve the travels and antics of Murphy and his travelling companion Yazzy Bear. In their travels you meet many of their friends; like Natalie the fairy, and Humphrey the caterpillar.

The stories wouldn’t be complete though, without the evil Prince Dorcas and his scheming plans to steal the magic passport and medallion with special powers.

We hope you enjoy the stories of Murphy the Gnome and Yazzy Bear as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.



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